Karuppu Kavuni Rice Powder

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Black Rice

✓ A rich source of fibre which helps in clearing out the toxins from the stomach
✓ Rich in antioxidants
✓ Boosts Heart Health
✓ Supports Eye health Contains Anti-cancer Properties

How to Prepare ?
✓ Mix salt with warm water.
✓ Take Black Rice(Karuppu Kavuni) flour in a bowl. Add warm water little
by little and mix well. The mixture should be wet and crumbly.
✓ Take puttu maker. Place coconut in the base and top with rice flour mix in the middle
✓ Place in steamer and cook for 10 mins.
✓ Unmould and serve.(Add Brown Sugar and Ghee or make it spicy to enhance the taste)

Black Rice Kanji
✓ Take 2 tbspn of the Black Rice powder in a clean pan. Add 250ml of water and mix well to remove lumps.Cook on a medium flame for 10 mins. Keep stirring to avoid lumps. Add Palm Jaggery/Jaggery/Dates powder to sweeten and mix well. Add Salt to taste.

Storage Instructions:
Since we do not use any preservatives, please transfer the contents to a clean, dry container and use a clean, dry spoon to prevent insect infestation.

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11 reviews for Karuppu Kavuni Rice Powder

  1. jhansi D

    I actually love puttu very much and this puttu made my day.Great flavor and taste.Good taste and can feel the purity. Hope they continue the same qualityasy to make this. This is not time consuming. And very is to make also. So I recommend this product to all.Great alternative for someone who is wanting to make puttu without too much hassle.go for it

  2. Barsha Goshal

    It’s really good n natural.My baby really likes a lot when I added to his meal she simply eats and likes it thanks alot.

  3. Karuna Maran

    I ordered this Karuppu kavuni for my 3-year-old boy. My wife did some search on the internet and found Sip n Savors Karuppu kavuni kanji Powder quite good for our baby. when we were in Oscillation of where to buy the Product which brand will be the best one which is pure, natural and organic and after searching on the internet my wife found this brand. I also tasted this powder and it is natural in tatse.
    You may feed this powder to your baby either like plain Kanji or Kanij with curd or cocnut milk, as it has sweet taste and m sure your baby will like it.

  4. Barsha Goshal

    Very healthy and tasty Puttu for the entire family..which is our Delicious Breakfast..It came out Fluffy and we served with Banana and Sugar

  5. Prakhar

    Good and clean packaging detailing the ingredients. Healthy and tasty option for the family. It tastes so good that I am seriously telling. It is super in quality and also feel like a genuine one. I loved it in every manner. great way to to have taste and healthy snack for daily diet.

  6. Avanthi

    This Kanji powder is good product for Kids. but my son like this taste Good for breakfast. Really it is healthy food and satisfied. We adults mixed it with Curd and Having.

  7. Jiva Parthipan

    Made your karuppu Kavuni Puttu yesterday and it was georgous
    I used Sukku podi from a jar- ready made from the shops- it gives nice aroma
    and added grated coconut and Karuppattti for sweetness.

  8. Anantha

    I am not very much fond of Black Rice My Friend suggested me this Karuppu Kavuni Kanji Mix ITs Perfect in its way.Its such an Amazing Product.
    Thank you Sip N savour.

  9. Gyanvi

    Feels like Very good Puttu Flour. Tastes good and very soft texture. Looks Premium .MAdy My Evening Snacks Easier most of the Days.

  10. keerthana Arun

    Experienced the rich flavour of Black Rice Puttu ..a traditional breakfast mix that promises both taste and nutrition. Had it with Banana..It tastes good.

  11. Lokitha

    Karuppu Kavuni Kanji with curd for this hot Summer has become our Breakfast most of the days.Thank you Sip n Savor.

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