Moringa Leaves Powder

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  • Immunity Booster
  • Mom Made
  • No Artificial  Flavours
  • No Preservatives


  • 7 times more Vitamin C than an orange
  • 4 times more IRON than kale
  • 3 times more CALCIUM than milk

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52 reviews for Moringa Leaves Powder

  1. Anandhi

    Moringa Idli ….Telling My Daughter that I am giving green colour Idli So she is impressed and having it…

  2. Ramya

    I Proudly giving My Kids Your Products which is completely Organic …..It is best option to mix with dosa or idli batter and serve. Great work

  3. Tarini

    Moringa powder Dosa is must, weekly once in our house.

  4. Banu Maria

    My Doctor told me that My iron content is low So I bought your Moringsa It really works. Freat work Team.

  5. Sakthi Nethra

    I Strongly recommend this product to all.Sice my son had cpnstipation problem It really works.

  6. Amulya Suresh

    This is my Sixth ordder actually..,I’m Really Happy with your Products, Keep Rocking All the best to youur Team mates.

  7. Shrinidhi sriram

    Best Medicine to Increase Blood Count.

  8. Kaveri

    Ungaloda Moringa Dosa Ultimate..,made MOringa dosa for my 3 Year Daughtr …Plate fullah galil aidum.

  9. Rama Devi

    It is good.. both taste wise and quality wise too good…Keep going.

  10. Afrin

    open panano use panitom mam …very nice for Dosa

  11. Kulali

    Moringa Leaves Idly What a Healthy Breakfast and taste wise too good mam.,Thanks for your service mam.

  12. Vibisha

    Just wow 🤩

  13. Lavanya

    I just made sidish for dosa, It was delicious 🤤

  14. Kiran bella

    Excellent mix for soup 🍲

  15. Shubi

    perfect product.

  16. Jaanvi

    Totally satisfied !

  17. Aisha

    boost to your whole body .loved the Product.

  18. Avinya

    I m not an expert but the powder is so fine and the way it dissolves 100% clean and clear that it becomes suspicious.

  19. Rithika A.S

    Using this powder since 3-4 months and getting good results day by day. So overall its very nice and good product. This my 3rd order.

  20. Sarthak

    I used this powder daily to make my smoothies gives perfect result

  21. Sanjana

    The quality of product is good, worth the price.

  22. CHikki


  23. Kanika

    Powder is very fine and consistent loved the product!!

  24. Manju

    Nice powder easy to use!

  25. Aman

    go for it! really helped a lot in overall wellness

  26. Sathish R

    Genuine product. I recommend

  27. Akshak

    This product is good. I’m noticing that my hair loss has been reduced. My hemoglobin is very less. but now this powder increased my HB count great worth buying!

  28. Ishitha

    best one!

  29. Mayuri

    I mix this powder with my everyday smoothie and this one fulfills my all daily dose requirements!

  30. Jaya

    The moringa leaf powder is the real thing. I say this with confidence because, when my son was a toddler, we used to get moringa leaves during the season , sundry and powder them. I found this product when I was searching for .It tastes better than our homemade because it’s finely powdered. We use it in raithas, salads, buttermilk, and buttermilk

  31. Aruna Ramanan Krishnan

    It’s really good,I am trying for the first time,was little apprehensive while ordering, turned to be good only. Using it regularly.

  32. Arun Kumar

    Product and service is great
    quality of the product is nice, packing is wonderful, apart from all i would say the considering factor is price for this quality

  33. Esawara Ghorakavi

    Very prompt and securing packing & shipping process.

  34. Suresh Kanthan M

    The flavor was perfect. quality is good

  35. Suresh P

    Value for money
    Good organic product

  36. Divakar M

    Good Product
    Will recommended to others as well. A wow! to the Team

  37. Mukesh P

    Excellent and up to the standard

  38. Deeptha N

    This powder is pure and has all the health benefits of Moringa in it! Go for it! I add it to my morning veggie juice! Awesome product!

  39. Pradeep K

    It really great to have such product. Highly recommended. Thanks a lot Sip N Savor for delivering such a quality product and excellent packaging.

  40. Preeti U

    Good product! worth a try!

  41. Anandhi N

    One of the pure powder dat I have come across …

  42. Komal A

    We loved the Product.

  43. Taj M

    It’s excellent and pure. I liked it and bought after trying many other brands . I have recommended it to my friends also.

  44. Vinod K

    Excellent item and customer friendly delivery system.