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Pumpkin Seeds, Watermelon seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Almond, Pista, Cashew and Saffron

✓  Rich in Fibre
✓  Filled with antioxidants
✓  Boosts Skin Glow and Shiny Hair
✓  Rich in Vitamin E

How to Use ?
✓  Add 2 Tsp of Seeds and Nuts Powder to 150 ml of Warm or Chilled Milk. (Do not filter after mixing the powder)
Mix Well & Serve (for adults)
✓  For Babies below 1 year add 1 Tsp of Seeds and Nuts Powder to 100 ml of cooked porridge, stir well and serve.
✓  Can be added with Desserts, Cookies, etc…
✓  Can be used to make Laddoos by adding sweetener of your choice

Storage Instructions:
Since we do not use any Preservatives, please transfer the contents to a clean, dry container and use a clean, dry spoon to prevent insect infestation.

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50 reviews for Seeds and Nuts Powder

  1. Kavita Kothari

    They have no added sugar & preservatives so it is a healthy option for my baby I can trust. Find it healthier.My child has always been very fussy for food to feed him is always a task,used to make different kind of food at home but dint work,so I recently bought and tried this product for my 8 months baby and trust me it did wonders.
    My baby enjoyed it and I enjoyed it too as it saves a lot of effort of preparing at home.
    No artificial flavours and preservatives.
    Complete vitamins and nutrients in one bowl,what else could a mother ask for her baby.
    It’s a must buy product and worth your money.😍😍

  2. Prerna

    I have been using this product for my toddler since she was 9 months old and she loves the taste of it. Highly recommend for those parents who have started or thinking of starting solids for your little one 🙂 I am mixing it with porridges or health mix kanji

  3. Sonally

    Recently I heard about sip n savor organic seeds and nuts powder and thought to give it a try so I purchased it. Packet packing was superb airtight. Also it is 100% organic product with no added preservatives and flavours.Its difficult to give all seeds and nuts to kids in a proper proportion but sip n savors organic seeds powder solve my this problem. It is made from blend of seeds and nuts. All these are good source of minerals for the growing kids. My kids love to drink it in a chill glass of milk. It also helps in weight gain for the kids which are not taking proper diet.

  4. Ashish

    My kid is 3 years old ,he was liked to drink the milk with this drink mix. I am so happy .Thank you Sip n Savor to provide healthy foods for the kids.

  5. Kanneswari

    Honestly you Play Integral Part in our lives Since you Provide a High Quality Products with High Standard.

  6. Padma

    I am so glad to have foound you.My daughter never skips milk now a days.

  7. Elcy

    Bought your seeds and nuts powder this time. Your products means so much to me..

  8. Neema

    Received it, Thank you for the Product mam..,Taste is too good, My child loved.

  9. Kala

    Nice product

  10. Diyanya

    I just Love the Product,Vera level taste mam.

  11. Savitha Natarajan

    Itzzz Yummy …,Received your Product mam My boy loved it mam…Thank you mam..

  12. Kala Rani

    Milk ilama apdiye Sapadlam…very nice product

  13. Eswari

    Milk ilama apdiye Sapadlam…very nice product

  14. Saranya Jeganathan,

    Nicely Packed with great Aroma.

  15. Mahisha

    I am 7 months Pregnant and it is my regular Drink Morning and Evening.

  16. Priscilla

    And Wow It’s just a Super Delicious tasty Mix and My Kids loved it.

  17. Priya Pallavaram

    Hi we are Enjoying the Seeds and Nuts Powder…Time to add the Banana Powder too.

  18. Narayani

    Apple Juice with Seeds and Nuts Powder …, Excellent Morning Drink.

  19. Shiva Bhagya

    Loved the Seeds and Nuts Powder for my 2 year Daughter….

  20. Allira

    Its too such good product…, Glad to see all the good Indrients you have added in it.

  21. Kishore

    It’s worth the Money….

  22. Sunitha Mary

    Loved the Seeds and Nuts Powder for my 3 year Old Daughter She liked it…

  23. Kavya Arun

    Tasted Seeds and Nuts powder with warm milk Its so Delicious.

  24. Naina

    I ordered Seeds and Nuts powder..It was so yummy and delicious will order soon the others.

  25. Maaanvi

    My Daughter haves it before going to bed.She likes it a lot.

  26. Manonmani

    We Use this nuts and seeds powder to make instant ladoos, cookies, etc…, Best Snacks Box Recipe.

  27. Shivani

    I usually Stuff this into pulkas/parathas for the regular intake. Nice Product.

  28. Ridha A

    I Have Added a tsp of it to purees, mashed food, vegetable soups, cereals, porridge, milkshakes, smoothies, etc. while cooking to increase the nutritional value and taste! it tastes very good.

  29. Thiruptha

    WE Use this powder to make nuts milk. I Add it to milk and offer as a health drink to toddlers and adults. Such a Nice Product.

  30. Lavanya Premkumar

    My kids love dis products. The products r really good CUSTOMER CARE support is super in time delivery.. My kids love dis products.. dry fruit powders and. .porridge🍲 mix is supper I will order again. .Thank you Sip n savor.

  31. Swathy

    Very healthy.. This mix contains different seeds and dry fruits. It is very healthy for growing kids…

  32. Swathy

    Very healthy..This mix contains different seeds and dry fruits. It is very healthy for growing kids…

  33. Reema Israni

    I made cookies with this Mix,These cookies are very healthy for kids with lot of nutrients in it,These cookies are very healthy for kids with lot of nutrients in it👍 these are natural and organic too which has dry fruits powder of almonds, cashews, pista 👍 and Essential seeds.

  34. nidhi dehdhia

    I prefer giving him Nuts n seeds powder my son is a fussy eater.. so I prefer giving him Nuts n seeds powder.. also he loves other products from you.. I give him only your Products as they are healthy n preservative free .. that’s the best part of all Sip n savor products..

  35. nidhi

    My lil ones day starts wid a spoonful of this Seeds and Nuts mix in his milk … I am so relieved that all seeds and Nuts are eaten without his fuss..

  36. Sheelaa

    Excellent Product Which i was Eagerly waiting for…Thanks Much and i must thank you people for the good Cooperation.

  37. selvi

    I am using this product from Sip N Savor since last 8 months. These are the best Products I have ever seen..

  38. shruthi shetty

    My two children enjoyed it, alue for money. Over All The Quality is very good.

  39. Karan Mishra

    We all family members love this superfood! Thanks Sip N Savor!!!