Sprouted Fenugreek Powder

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53 reviews for Sprouted Fenugreek Powder

  1. Vinod A

    Many told me that consuming Fenugreek water reduces Hairfall So I bouhgt this very nice good for Health Must try.

  2. Rekha Rajendran

    Its very helpful for My Mother Since She is a Sugar Patient ..,I can make her Drink this to Keep her in Control.

  3. Shravani

    your Products means a much to me..and nice package dear.

  4. Jyothi sharan

    My mom really liked your products she is continuously drinking fenugreek. Water . Thank you so much 😊

  5. Mani

    Very healthy product

  6. Lara

    Loved your Fenugreek powder gives good result..Thank you.

  7. Thesam Ameena

    I got the Parcel mam Am very happy to receive the Healthiest Pack.

  8. dhivya

    Since it is Sprouted Am Drinkng it for the body to cool.

  9. Abinaya

    Daily Morning My first work is to Drink Sproutd fenugreek powder with warm water.

  10. Vandana

    Yet to Use this Product..Packing is very good.

  11. Sowmiya Preethi

    Thank you for the Product..,Taste is too good, My Child loved it..

  12. Aadhirai

    It is uesd for Seasoning in Specific Food.

  13. Prakashini

    We make it as a routint to have fenugreek water in the night. Thank you so much mam.

  14. Ketra

    Relieves Constipation

  15. Lakshmi Priya

    I seriously want to thank you for Introducing these such Products..It Completely cools down the body…We all are drinking this fenugreek water since it has much benefits.

  16. Prisha

    Its organic ,I like it.

  17. Durga

    Its nice to drink before sleep.

  18. saanvi D

    Good medicinal drink.

  19. Amelia

    since i had no time to make sprouts and all its useful for me.

  20. Raadhya

    Hi mam Fenugreek water is too good ..feeling great.

  21. Luna K

    Hi received the Fenugreek powder, The flavour is too good.

  22. Larisa T

    Hello mam I ordered both Fenugreek powder and mixed nuts powder..Both the products were really good, we all likedit.Thank you.

  23. Aadhya Harish

    Mam received my order mam.., Thank you so much mam nice quality.

  24. Kuzhali C

    Sugar patients must drink this..

  25. Kulali

    Sugar patients must drink this.

  26. Geni

    Magical drink for bowel moments…

  27. Srithi ram

    This is just a medicinal drink.

  28. Lavitha

    Best drink for diabetic patients.

  29. Pramila

    Very good medicine for constipation..must try

  30. Isha

    This is very helpful for me because i don’t have time to prepare such things. making sprouts and all.

  31. Kavina

    Many told me that drinking it regularly gives skin Complexion. So am following it.

  32. shwetha shetty

    I am writing this after experienced it for 15 days. Having it daily morning in an empty stomach improving bowel motions, and possible remedies for digestive problems and heartburns.

  33. Roopa Shri.

    Reduces Bad Cholestrol and has numerous health benefits.

  34. Sudeep Roy

    It controls Heat of the body. I often get severe stomach pain ,Immediatly i mix warm water with sproutedd fenugreek powder and drink..I can see the difference.

  35. Pramila

    Since fenugreek sprouts may taste bitter on their own, add some salt, lemon, and pepper to minimize it.It is good for Health.

  36. Varuna

    Why to go for medicines when these kind of natural medicines are available in the market.go for it.I am already an user of this product it’s really great

  37. Kiran

    Having it before sleep regularly. Believe me I can see many changes in the body

  38. Rithika sai

    Mix it with Chapathi dough while preparing Chapathi.it gives nice flavour

  39. Savithriri

    Packed with goodness ..well it’s extended good arthritis patients

  40. Sussmitha singh

    I heard that methi seeds benefits increase when they are sprouted.I bought it last week and using it .

  41. Riya Riya

    Gives great taste when mixing it with variety rice.

  42. Abinaya kariappa

    My immediate go to one when I feel my body is over heated or when I want to be on diet

  43. Lakshana Devi

    This helps in lactation a lot I personally experienced it.New moms do try this.

  44. Jibithra

    I Sprinkle it over poha and Upma preparations.it tasted good 👍