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Sprouted Ragi, Cardamom

Benefits :

  • Builds strong bones and teeth as it is rich in calcium
  • Helps the toddlers to be active
  • Good for diabetes & heart
  • Contains antioxidants that help the body fight against infections
  • High in protein, rich in fiber
  • Produces Red blood cells
  • Develops vitamin C in the process of sprouting, therefore the iron in ragi becomes more bioavailable when consumed as sprouted ragi flour or ragi malt.


How to Prepare?

  • Mix 2 tbsp of sprouted ragi in 30 ml of water without lumps
  • Add 90ml of water/milk to the above mixture
  •  Stir continuously and cook for 4 to 5 mins on low flame
  • Cooldown and then feed the cooked porridge.
  • Can be added with Desserts, Cookies, etc…

Note: Add salt/palm jaggery and ghee if required. Mashed fruits or vegetables can be added.

Storage Instructions :

Since we don’t use any chemicals and use Organic ingredients, please transfer the contents to a clean, dry container and use a clean, dry spoon to prevent insect infestation.

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44 reviews for Sprouted Ragi Powder

  1. Anand Muralidharan

    My Little Ones Morning Breakfast is Rago Kool. You made it in a Perfect way.It is Wholesome.

  2. Sharmila

    Lovely Product … Morning dose of Ragi kool starts the day fresh …really loved it mam.Thank you so much.

  3. Ashwathi

    I have tried a Laddo with Sproued Ragi ,Seeds and Nuts Powder,Dates powder ..,It came out very well..Awesome product It Is…

  4. Swethamanickam

    Nice product tasty nd healthy

  5. Kayal

    Hello mam I made Ragi dosa yesterday night It was soft and tasty.Thanks Much.

  6. Gokila veni

    Drinking this Regularly Boosts up Energy!!!!

  7. Ashika Imrana

    Your Ragi powder with Pista mix .., Excellent Combination for Porridge. Tried the new recipe It works out.

  8. Hanvika

    Looking upon your post made small amount of Kali …Just got over in few minutes.

  9. Sawsthika

    Hi we are enjoying the Ragi Powder and Nuts Powder.., Its time to add Banana Powder too.

  10. Dheekshana

    My Kid likes your Sprouted Ragi Porridge..Thanks for your food.

  11. Rathika

    Really Its tasty mam..very nice .

  12. kanira

    Mam I tried Sprouted Ragi and Raw Banana mix for my 7month baby he liked the taste ….Thank you so uch mam.

  13. Harisha

    Tried Banana Oat smoothie With Pista Mix And It’s Yum My Baby do this..top top so Happy..

  14. Karthika

    My Son asked for Ragi Porridge miixed with your Pista mix ….He loved the tatse . it’s Ultimate.

  15. Indhumathi

    Hello Mam Tried the powders today….I tried the Ragi Powder for my Younger One..He Slurped it fully….He seemed to love it…Mind you though only My 6 month Old My younger one is very choosy about the food i offer…I don’t force food.So I was very Happy when he readily took to it.Thank you for these wonderful products.Will keep coming back for more once this is over. Love Light and more Power to you.

  16. Sathish Raja

    Received the pckage…Really good taste and my baby loving it.

  17. sibi

    My Daughter is just 6 month 15days over …She completed the whole bowl.

  18. Krishna veni

    Received My first solid food to baby..

  19. Mithra

    Tried Ragi Porridge .It tastes good.

  20. Harishmitha

    My son likes the taste of Sprouted Ragi Porridge..Thank you so much mam.

  21. Daisy

    I want to place my next order coz almost its gonna get over so i have to restock before it get ends.

  22. Namita

    Hey Thank you so much Very Fresh and Tasty.

  23. Mano Karthik.

    Tasted the products.., It’s very Yummy.

  24. Yuvarani S

    Made Ragi Kozhukattai taste enhancer is pista mix was Delicious My kids enjoyed it.Thanks for keeping up the Quality.

  25. Rayane

    Thanks for the prompt delivery and Yumminess.,Tried Ragi porridge for my son He liked a lot.

  26. Keerthanya

    Received the Parcel on time..Excellent Packing…

  27. Sumithra Prabhu

    Open Panano taste panitom all Products semaya iruku. Chanceless.

  28. yathra

    Hi mam Tasted all your Products vera level..

  29. Aadhya Ravi

    Ragi Idly A Healthy Breakfast ,good taste Thanks for your service mam.

  30. Bhagya sree

    Lovely Lovely Sema Taste..

  31. Sree mathi k

    First Solid food starts from you..

  32. Nainika

    Nice for Porridge Mam …Flavour is good mam.

  33. Sabarisha

    Wanted to tell this from a long time,The mixes i got from you my little one liked it..I have recommended to my Friends too.

  34. Thameena

    Hi We all liked the taste of sprouted ragi Especially My toddler loved the taste of sprouted Ragi.

  35. Durga

    My son likes the Taste of Ragi kool.Thanks much for these good products.

  36. Thejas

    Your Products are Saviour these days.

  37. Priya Murugesan

    Tasted your Sprouted Ragi …we all enjoyed it.

  38. Kavitha Suresh

    Have bought this for my 7 months Daughter ..I have tried it very nice.

  39. Siva ranjani

    I am blindly trusting your products. Very fresh and flavoured

  40. Gunavathi

    I prepared Kali It came out well.very good taste

  41. Nainika

    Very nice product worth the cost.,must try .best source of calcium.

  42. Isla

    I tried Ragi powder by making Dosa.., It was Yummy.., Sprouted Raggi powder is tasty..,

  43. Swathi

    Sprouted ragi porridge is really good

  44. Preethi

    I give my mom ragi kool daily…super taste

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