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4 reviews for Carrot Malt

  1. Gajendra Kumar

    I have been using your Carrot Malt Powder for some time now and I’m so glad I found it. It has become an essential part of my daily routine as it helps with energy levels, digestion and overall health. The taste is great too!

  2. Amirtha

    Hi mam I know you people have to work very hard to bring this malt in a good consistency because I tried one or two times at my home but I couldn’t it takes so much of time ..So am buying it from you it’s worth the cost .

  3. Raadha

    My Son Enjoyed drinking your Carrot Malt It was really nice.Found a better Product for Milk. Fragnance is too good.

  4. Madhur Thyagi

    Wow Mam Me and My Kids liked it .It is easy to make and so Yummy.Love this Drink.

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