Mixed Nuts Powder with Walnut

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Ingredients : 

Badam, Pista, Cashew Nuts,Walnut, Palm Sugar, Cardamom, Saffron.


Benefits :

ALMONDS: Boosts Immune System, Healthy Brain Development, Strengthens Bones, Cures Skin Problems, Boosts Fertility.

PISTA: Boosts Immunity, High in antioxidants, Improves eye health, High in fiber, Keeps skin healthy, and Improves heart health.

CASHEW NUTS: Healthy and shiny hair, Glowing skin, Protecting the eye, Prevents Blood diseases.

PALM SUGAR (Panakarkandu): Source of Vitamin B12, Cures Anaemia, Immunity Booster, Treats Diabetes, Energy Booster.

CARDAMOM: Antioxidant, Promotes Digestion, Prevents Cavities.

SAFFRON: Fights Cancer, Boosts Brain Function, Improves Eyesight, Cures Asthma.


How to Prepare?

  • Add 2 Tsp of Mixed Nuts Powder to 150 ml of Warm or Chilled Milk. (Do not filter after mixing the powder) Mix Well & Serve (for adults).
  • For Babies below 1 year add 1 Tsp of Mixed Nuts Powder to 100 ml of cooked porridge, stir well, and serve.
  • Can be added with Desserts, Cookies, etc…


Storage Instructions :

Since we don’t use any chemicals and use Organic ingredients, please transfer the contents to a clean, dry container and use a clean, dry spoon to prevent insect infestation.

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43 reviews for Mixed Nuts Powder with Walnut

  1. Nainika Devan

    I couldn’t find anything better than this .Such an wonderful product.

  2. Zara

    Trust me This is the best Product with no Artificial colours and Preservatives.

  3. TR Lakshmi

    Very healthy product.

  4. Oorvasi

    I always Wonder how Everything Comes out of your Hand is tasty and perfect in all means,It’s Super Delicious,I planned to order more Packs Since I am moving to Canada.

  5. Nancy

    My Daughter never failf to drink Milk and review now a days …I mix Mixed nuts with Walnut in milk and give her Immediately she says Amma Its very NIce and have a Gulp.

  6. Kavitha

    My mother really liked your products da kannanmoodikitu I can trust you and order da

  7. Shiva Sankari

    I have Tried Many Products But yours is Ultimate …keep rocking

  8. Kavinaya

    Made Milkshake with this very nice taste..

  9. Devasena

    This is my 3rd Order ….I add it to Ice cream and smoothies..very nice taste.

  10. Saranya Shri

    Hi My Daughters will be eating all the Nuts except Walnut I found this Powder they are not finding anything,Drinking nicely Thank you Sip n Savor.

  11. Lathika

    Support weight Management.

  12. JayaPradha

    Milk Ilama Apdiye Sapadran..Baby boy Am very Happy mam.

  13. Ishwarya Suresh

    My Daughter Drinks only Plain Milk without Sugar no other items…But First time She tried Mixed Nuts with Walnut..She Loved and asked again..Thanks a lot.

  14. Sneha Singh

    Just adding it to the Apple Juice It tastes wow!!! My 3 Year Old likes it drink it.

  15. CHristiana

    I just love your Products …,This is my 5th order I guess and many more to go.

  16. Prarthana

    Hi I tried Mixed nuts with Walnut I must ssay that the taste really works Thank you we will definitely order for more once the pack is over.

  17. Aparna Siva Balan

    My Lil one loved the taste …Thank you for preparing them.

  18. Oviya

    Hi we tasted Mixed nuts with Walnut ….Its yummy My son liked it tooo…,keep going sis…Best wishes for you.

  19. Sahanas

    Received your Products and My little one is alreaady enjoying it. Thanks for the Healthy Chemical Free Products..and keep going can’t wait to order more from you.

  20. Krishna Priya

    Really Thank you mam ,My Baby loves Banana powder and Mixed Nuts with Walnut.., Thank you so much sis.

  21. Lara A

    Hi mam I tried for my Daughter we use to give Milk She always reject the milk but after mixing mixed nuts with Walnut She is drinking Milk without any Hesitation.

  22. Bhuvana

    Hello mam Liked Mixed nuts powder with walnut the most. Thank you so much.

  23. Clara

    Tried Mixed Nuts with Walnut.. Its very Delicious.

  24. Aadhira

    Mam Mixed nuts with Walnut is sooper mam.

  25. Akshara

    Tried mixed nuts powder ..Loved it.It’s really awesome.

  26. Manna K

    Kid Enjoyed the Nuts powder.

  27. Greyson

    Unga products elame super mam.En son ku Milk pidikathu almost 2 years ayiduchu,ana ipa milk la mixed nuts powder with walnut mix pani kudukren .He like dvery much.Mrng, evng avane ketuvangi kudikran.

  28. Likitha

    My Friend’s sons are enjoying the “Mixed nuts powder with Walnut Dry Fruits with walnut ” They were waiting for the parcelthey loved the real flavours and real Aroma Thank you so much mam keep doing the best work.

  29. Supriya Mane

    Nice taste and no artificial flavor.
    My baby loves it.

  30. Abhra

    Very good product.. I give it to my 3 years old every day..

  31. Mehfuza

    Good thickness and taste ..My baby likes the taste.

  32. Rana

    Kids will hardly like the taste.

  33. Mallikarjuna Bhargava

    Good healthy and nice quality. Recommended.

  34. Kiara L

    Awesome and wholesome baby food. So many healthy ingredients in one packet with a good aroma and taste. What else does a baby want?

  35. Divya Karunas

    I usally don’t do much reviews, but i do it now. I have trusted this brand and brought some Products Its really worthy.Must try

  36. Arvind K C

    Good one. My kid likes the taste.. Have ordered it again

  37. Sowmya Sahu

    Best food for babies.. Healthy diet option.

  38. Bobbie

    I say it as a magic powder …, because its very easy to mix and drink.

  39. Banu

    Healthy and tasty product for kids. Loved it

  40. Kiruthika Vinoth

    Healthier option for kids to drink milk as they don’t drink milk with bland taste.


    Healthy food products.

  42. Charu Nethra

    Excellent product

  43. Pavithra

    Very happy to see these kind of products… very very hepful

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