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Sprouted Ragi, Almonds, Pistachios, Cashewnuts, Cocoa Powder, Palm Sugar and Cardamom

✓  Healthy solution for calcium deficiency, hemoglobin deficiency / anemia, skin ageing, conditions of anxiety, depression & insomnia.
✓  Builds strong bones and teeth as it is rich in calcium
✓  Suitable for Health and Fitness, Sports person, Pregnant women,Adults, Old aged people, Kids, Teens and Babies (above 6 months only)

How to Prepare ?
✓  Add 2 tbspn of the Choco Ragi powder to 150ml of Warm/Chilled Milk and mix well to avoid Lumps.Serve Hot/Cold
✓  Add 2-3 tbspn of Choco Ragi Powder to Pancake or Dosa Batter for a Healthy and Flavoured meal.

Storage Instructions:
Since we do not use any preservatives, please transfer the contents to a clean, dry container and use a clean, dry spoon to prevent insect infestation.

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30 reviews for Choco Sprouted Ragi

  1. Anju shukla

    We avoid using white sugar, since it contains palmsugar as a sweetener we are using is great for baking and other foods that needs sweeteners.This will definitely be in our pantry for baking purposes although I am not advocating too much sugar in our foods, there are times when you need a bit of sweetness, this will be a great choice.Surely this will be a healthier option for you.

  2. Krishnaveni

    After a Big Research I found Sip n Savor It tastes very good and also pure flavor. Gonna Buy a bigger pack now…Amazing Drink for kids, My 3.5yrs baby just luv it. Tastes very natural, for sure there is no artificial ingredients. Done a lot of research on natural baby foods and all ur product are simply amazing.

  3. Alok Nepak

    We never wanted to give my baby any food which contain unknown ingredients. Sip n Savor was the first product which i bought & trust me till now i am using sip n savor foods products .We just love it and I recommend this product to all.

  4. Senora Dezousa

    I am continuosly ordering Since I liked it a lot,The taste is good and my baby loves it.Completely fresh product. Super nutritious Kids like the taste very much..Sip n Savor food products are made by mom for a mom. So don’t wait, go for it.I use this mix to make pancakes.Thats yumm in tast

  5. Vinutha R

    I got to know about the products through their website while searching chemical free Jaggery products.I was surprised by viewing their list of their unique products.Keep the good work.

  6. Afreen Naaz

    Seen healthy weight gain in 3 months
    It is an amazing product! I can see the difference in my 7 year old son, it has become a daily routine for my child, it helps in gaining weight also and he has stopped complaining about his immunity! Truly happy with the results

  7. Bhaat Kaushik

    I’m really impressed with how it has improved my performance in the gym. Not only does it taste great, but its natural energy boost also helps me stay energized during long workouts.I just wanted to share how much I love your Choco Rgi powder thats why I have posted it.

  8. Mallika

    My Kid ll never Drink Milk .But now Situation Totally Changed without forcing She is Drinking ..,I am very happy with this.

  9. Swathi Sundhar

    Honestly Speaking Mam your Products are really awesome.. Your Product mady my Kid to Drink Milk Now a Days.

  10. Elcy

    I dont have to think for buying for your Products. Very nice Product mam.

  11. Gowthami

    Was Worrying about instant milk mix Now extremely happy with your choco ragi powder.

  12. Yuva Rani

    Chocoloate Ragi Ladoo Awesome tatse It was..

  13. Anusha

    Superb Product

  14. Hansini

    Chocolate Flavour in this makes my Kid to Drink well.

  15. Shruthi Ramilla

    Vera level taste mam….Sprouted choco Ragi Powder..My Son is Drinking Milk Happily.

  16. Pavithra Nithin

    Really Taste vera Level Mam.Thank you so much.

  17. Midhu

    Wonderful Product…I am admired by your Packing…, Really you people are great.

  18. Nandhini

    Chilled Choco Ragi Drink is my Daughters Evening Drink after school.

  19. Bhagya sri

    Tried out cookies with Choco Sprouted Ragi Mix ….It came out well.

  20. Georgia

    Really Taste vera Level.., Nice Product

  21. Sowmya

    Received mam Milk ilama Apdiye sapdalam..very nice.

  22. Ranjini Chilaka

    Very Satisfying

  23. Pushpavathy

    My Son is Liking it lot. Will surely Order for more.

  24. Mrithula

    Little One loved the taste…Awesome.

  25. Indhu Priya

    Quality and taste are Amazing.

  26. Anjali Nath Nambiar

    Really I want to Deliver this mam ..Your team is just rocking …you ppl are always coming up with Excelllent Products..Everybody Must try.

  27. Anjali Nambiar

    Really I want to Deliver this mam ..Your team is just rocking …you ppl are always coming up with Excelllent Products..Everybody Must try.

  28. Arifa Hussain


  29. Shamili

    Received the Package Sis …Waiting to taste.

  30. Sudheshana

    Received The Package Mam !!!!! Some How I made My Kid to Drink Milk because of this Magical Drink (Choco Sprouted Ragi) …Eagerly waiting for more upcoming Products..

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