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Ingredients :

100% Dried dates.

Benefits :

  • Heart friendly.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Relieve constipation.
  • Helps maintain bone health.
  • Super energy Booster.
  • Boon for your Skin and Hair.

How to Prepare?

  •  Add one spoon of Dried Dates Powder to 100ml of milk, mix well and Serve.
  •  Dried Dates Powder can be used to make Laddoo, Porridge, Halwa, Kheer, Cake, Cookies, Icecreams, and Shakes.

Storage Instructions :

Since we don’t use any chemicals and use Organic ingredients, please transfer the contents to a clean, dry container and use a clean, dry spoon to prevent insect infestation.

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44 reviews for Dried Dates Powder

  1. Sandhini

    The taste and quality of this powder is really great..it has no added sugar totally natural ..The nutrition value of the product is also really good .. I baked a very delicious cake using this powder instead of using white sugar .. the packing of it is really nice ..worth for money product..no harmful chemicals it is totally natural..would buy again and recommend others too .

  2. Narmitha

    Nice for making Ladoos …I add it Instead of adding Sugar. It Tastes good.

  3. Ranajani

    My Son Takes the dates pack from Fridge and askes for milk. That much He loves.

  4. Karthiyayini

    My little boy now drinks milk on his own with your instant mixes.

  5. Priya

    Nice product

  6. Anusha

    Very nice product

  7. Monica

    My Purchase is never without your Dry Dates powder since this is a sweetener for all the Products.

  8. Harisha

    Mixed Dates Powder with Health Mix Porridge It gives Pleasant taste .

  9. Haritha

    Late review but wanted to convey..I’m really happy bcos of your Dates powder…,My 1.5 years doesn’t like cow milk at all…Tried many ways for him to drink Day before yesterday I mixed seeds poowder nad dates powder with milk …He asked for more and more.

  10. Guru Kannan

    Mixed your Dates poowder with Urad dal Porridge …It tastes good.

  11. Shaik Aroofa

    I saw your Making video of Dry Dates Powder in a Purest way…Yes it is Purest.

  12. Kousalya

    Already we Purchased from you.., This is my second order because of your tasty products.

  13. Padmalaya

    wow superb!! I didnt expect thismy son just loved the taste actually he dont like dates anyhow he is taking in this way thank you for introducing this product.

  14. Daivi

    Today we tried Dates powder my little one liked it.

  15. vagadevi

    Hi I tried seeds powder with dates powder my son loves it..

  16. Rochana A

    Wow Dates powder is yummy sis.

  17. Lajini

    My son who is 21 months old just loving it..,your dates powder super hit!!!

  18. Nakina

    so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Naganadi

    Dates powder tastes good.

  20. Yasmitha

    Hi tried your dates powder yummy!!! my daughter loved it I will definitely Re purchase.

  21. Moulisha

    To be frank my baby loves dates powder he is not taking milk without dates powder

  22. Madhusri

    Mam received the goodies today and kuttipayan tasted dates powder and he loves it . Thank you.

  23. Reshmi

    Delivery was super fast…Elder daughter was super Excited seeing the package and immediately she had dates powder Thank you so much.

  24. Poshitha

    It was really awesome in taste..My Daughter lovedd it.

  25. Nidhi Singh

    This Natural sweetner is my support sustem. And an excellent replacement of refined sugar or jaggery. Great buy, value for money

  26. Ritesh

    I quite like this product!! The date powder i used earlier was more coarse i like the fact that this is finely powdered.
    Its a natural sweetner and prefer this over processed sugar!! Add this to your lemonade or even when your baking
    I recently added this to my meethi laadoos..loved the taste

  27. Pranali

    I like that it adds natural sweetness to my little one’s food and is preservative free at the same time. When my baby is extremely picky and fussy about this , I just add half a teaspoon of this too a small bowl and blend it with the meal. The meal is then consumed peacefully and without any fuss.

  28. citra

    I use it for my 1 and half yr old baby.. he likes it

  29. Mallikarjuna Bhargava

    very nice Product. nice taste.

  30. jeevika

    Use dates powder instead of sugar and make healthy lassi.

  31. Divya Karunas

    About 1-3 spoons in a day per child should be completely okie.very nice product.

  32. Gokila

    Yes. It can be used as a natural replacement for refined white sugar for adding sweetness to milk, porridges etc.

  33. A Anand

    I have bought date and dry food powder too..they are good addition to everyday food..this might be a healthy food option taste wise very good..my child like to have it after trying..

  34. Saba Irfan Ladha

    These foods products are made by mom for a mom. So don’t wait, go for it. Highly recommended.

  35. Neha

    Best One Highly recommended for babies

  36. Grace

    All natural, preservative-free snack that’s not just healthy but equally delicious as well!

  37. Anuja Jadhav

    Highly recommended for baby 😍😍I am really happy for this product❤️

  38. Sujatha R

    I used to mix in Batter and Make Paniyaram. Perfect Dish for Lunch Box.My Son Loves to have it.

  39. Sonia Sharma

    Nice productIts a good healthy option you can give to your kids instead of using sugar. Dates provide energy and nutrition required for growth and development. My daughter liked it very much..and the best thing about this product is it does not contain any preservatives..so i would definitely recommend it..

  40. Sehrish A

    Yes, it is natural sweetner and I use it for my 10 months baby with milk.

  41. Kanchan Kabra

    My whole family use it as sweetner! Bye bye to the harmful sugar.

  42. Kavitha

    Nice product must try

  43. Sruthi

    My baby will not eat dates so i am adding this in milk

  44. Sipnsavor

    A good substitute for white sugar

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