Palm Sugar Candy(Panakarkandu)

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40 reviews for Palm Sugar Candy(Panakarkandu)

  1. Neelesh

    IMPRESSED very much…. BUT lm using this second time….. I have using this product instead of white sugar in my coffee for sometime, hopefully its a healthier option! Taste’s good for sure.very nice Packaging.

  2. CharuKala

    Paml Sugar for Ragi kool tastes Yummmm!!!!! My Boy also liked it.Thanks much.

  3. Sravani

    Tried all your Products Everything tasted Super Delicious guilt free and Healthy on the Othrt Side.I Always wonder how your Products are so much tasty..and perfect in all means..

  4. Akshaya

    This is best compered to other palm sugars in the Market.

  5. Shuba R

    Wanted to use Healthiest form of sugar so I am going with this.

  6. Sameera

    Loved your Palm Sugar along with Seeds and Nuts Powder…

  7. SriLekha

    Palm sugar quality is very good,no sugar since I received your Palm sugar. will Place my next Order soon.

  8. Vanitha Nallasivam

    Best One to replace White Sugar.

  9. Dhanam

    My Little one had Ragi Porrridge with your Purest Palm Sugar without any Fusssy…,Thank you.

  10. sagar

    Palm sugar Flavour is nice mam.

  11. Luloshini

    The palm sugar candy didn’t turn out to be the way i imagined. coz I was unaware what it was really.

  12. Saranya shri

    Hello mam My lil one liked it to eat as it is.

  13. Suhasini

    Tastes great when mixed with any porridges.

  14. Anika

    Hi mam just received Palm sugar its really good .I ll try other products also.

  15. Saira

    Excellent Product!!!

  16. Binti

    To be Frank My Daughter likes it very much.very very thanks mam.

  17. Bidya

    Ragi Malt is too good with Palm Sugar it gives mild taste so i like it very much.

  18. Lily

    Tasted Paalm Sugar ,It tasted Yummy.Thank you so much mam.

  19. Leela

    Taste really well and Aroma wow.

  20. Vibisha M

    crystal form my daughter is having it offten as a Candy.

  21. jeevitha

    Hi mam…We opened Palm Sugar Pack today ..My child loved it…Thank you.

  22. samaya

    Been using it for my baby with Oats combination.

  23. samaya

    Sukku coffee with Palm Sugar is great.TRy it.

  24. Vinothini Pandian

    Instantly dissolvable, it tastes great with beverages like milk, shakes, tea, coffee, juices or smoothies.

  25. Zara

    The Drink(Milk with Palm Sugar) was very nice and tasty .

  26. Faritha

    I just opened it,The Aroma is great …will taste and surely give you the feedback.

  27. Niranjana Viji

    Yes Yes very nice it is. Both the Flavours too good.

  28. Niranjana Viji

    HIi I got my Product ,Its Yummy in test.Thanks a lot.

  29. Narmatha

    Thank you for a Healthy Product.I feel very Organic.

  30. Hari Priya

    Your Products are amazing seriously.I Purchased Almond mix,Palm sugar,Pistachio mix and vallarai powder .your Palm sugar is just delicious mam and my 1 year old boy loved it.I have tried everything.will suggest my Friends and Familky mam.

  31. Abinaya

    Hi ma your product is awesome ..I purchased palm sugar its aroma says about its freshness…will try your other products soon.

  32. Agnes k

    Best product i have ever seen ,worth buying .Trust me Great effort by the team.

  33. Padma sasi

    No doubt In the quality of the product.Thanks to sipnsavor for this wonderful product.

  34. Gulzar begun

    Can blindly purchase.Flavour and taste are nice 👌
    Very nice packing mam taste also good 👍

  35. Jenifer l

    I bought many palm sugar in the market but this is awesome 👏

  36. Irin K

    I am too late …it was very nice.we all liked it.

  37. Savithri

    It smells good when added in milk.Really nice product.

  38. Amirtha J

    Perfect substitute for refined white sugar.very nice product.

  39. Kiruthika

    This product is purely natural. Not only for kids you can also use it as a sweetner. Definitely a must try product 💪

  40. Sharmila

    Thank you for this product I am giving my child as candy

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