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39 reviews for Brown Sugar

  1. Sunita Kumari

    the sugar smeels really good and the taste is good as well. the quantity is large enough. Value for Money.No word just wonderful product go for it…

  2. Rahul Saraswat

    Best Brown Sugar compared to others in the Market. Can Trust for Sure!!!!!!!

  3. Supratha

    It is so pure mam …Tastes Better for all juices. Carrot juice with Brown Sugar tastes Wowwww.

  4. Baskari

    Tried variety of ladoos with brown sugar It’s really great…

  5. Hasini

    Hi Mam whenever I Prepare Dosa or Idli My Son will have little with Brown Sugar.

  6. Lakshana

    SInce My Family is Health Conscious I bought it and Everybody liked it.

  7. Prithivi

    Brown Sugar with Health Mix ….,Yummy taste. Healthy combination.

  8. Vidhya B

    This is my 3rd Order…My Son loves your Brown Sugar….Almost 3 glasses of milk Everyday and also I add it in Smoothies…It gives nice aroma also.

  9. Cynhthia

    Total Family Migrated to Brown Sugar…Thanks Team For this Wonderful Product.

  10. Sownthariya

    Brown Sugar with Coffee Pakka Combination.

  11. Rithvi

    My Kid is having with dosa very nice 👍

  12. Geetha Lakshmi

    Nice Flavoured🤩

  13. Rani P

    Very tasty 😋

  14. Nivitha

    Best combination for Ulunthu kanji …very nice 👌

  15. Aaradhya

    Hello Team,
    You people are doing such a great job, All the products are very nice When I am not making any chutney for dosa i just sprinkle it ondosa and give it to my child she loves it lot.Thanks much.

  16. Lalitha

    Blending of both Apple and Brown Sugar is an Excellent Combination.My Husbands Daily Breakfast.

  17. Sudha Hari

    Brown sugar is one of my favorite ingredients to bake and cook with. Inexpensive and widely available, and yours is very good.Thank you Sip n Savour.

  18. Ariffa Sadham

    Made Brown sugar cookies as snack ….Awesome Taste it is!!!!! Must try…

  19. Hasini

    I use brown sugar in your coffee. It prefer the flavor over white sugar. It has a deeper more complex flavor than white sugar and it retains more nutrients, so it may be slightly healthier as well.

  20. Suruthika

    Hi Just received the parcel yesterday, It gives natural Aroma and total Family likes it.

  21. Suruthika

    My Daughter is taking it with Idli ,and often she is asking it.She loves the Taste.Ultimate!!!!

  22. Deepika

    It is very Pure and am giving it daily for better weight gain. my Kid likes it very much.

  23. Lavanya Gunashekar

    I was searching a best substitute for white sugar, Finally found it.Thanks much for the product.

  24. Mahi BalA

    Sorry mam litlle busy my girl is telling its some flavoured drink she herself mixing it with milk and drinking it daily.

  25. Maalika

    Brown sugar is awesome .It tastes baby likes it the smell is also good.

  26. Naadiya

    I tried apple juice with Brown sugar the Drink is really Delicious my girl is getting fan for your Brown sugar. have to try Mixed Nuts Powder yet.

  27. Naadavalli

    Tastes very good, Received it on the next day itself,Its good and Family Liked it very much.

  28. Laasya

    It was so good, My child love to Drink Brown Sugar Milk.

  29. Ramya Pandian

    Your Products are awesome. Very nice it is. The Flavours of your Products are really very good.

  30. Anjali Nambiar

    First of all Thanks for the very Fast Delivery, Kids loved it with your Mapillai Samba Puttu Mix.They Became a Fan of your PProducts.

  31. Chaaruvi R

    I have been using it for my Baby with Oats combination,He just loved it.

  32. Kaamini

    Am sorry for the late Update,taste is very good smells vera level.

  33. Aadhanya

    Hi mam yesterday i tried Brown sugar with warm milk for my Daughter,she liked it very much.Thank you so much.

  34. juhi benazir

    Hello I am giving my mom Brown sugar tea daily instead of white sugar she likes it very much.very fresh product,Thank you so much.

  35. Priya nallusamy

    Hi Received the Product,My 5year kid liked it yet to try ragi mix.your products are really awesome,Brown sugar is very good.

  36. Suganya

    My boy is liking when added in milk

  37. Ashwathi

    Tates really good

  38. Sarvanthika


  39. Shobika

    Exact combination for puttu

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