Mixed Nuts Powder(with Palm Sugar)

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Ingredients : 

Badam, Pista, Cashewnuts, Palm Sugar, Cardamom, Saffron.


Benefits :

ALMONDS: Boosts Immune System, Healthy Brain Development, Strengthens Bones, Cures Skin Problems, Boosts Fertility.

PISTA: Boosts Immunity, High in antioxidants, Improves eye health, High in fiber, Keeps skin healthy, and Improves heart health.

CASHEW NUTS: Healthy and shiny hair, Glowing skin, Protecting the eye, Prevents Blood diseases.

PALM SUGAR (Panakarkandu): Source of Vitamin B12, Cures Anaemia, Immunity Booster, Treats Diabetes, Energy Booster.

CARDAMOM: Antioxidant, Promotes Digestion, Prevents Cavities.

SAFFRON: Fights Cancer, Boosts Brain Function, Improves Eyesight, Cures Asthma.


How to Prepare?

  • Add 2 Tsp of Mixed Nuts Powder to 150 ml of Warm or Chilled Milk.(Do not filter after mixing the powder) Mix Well & Serve (for adults).
  • For Babies below 1 year add 1 Tsp of Mixed Nuts Powder to 100 ml of cooked porridge, stir well, and serve.
  • Can be added with Desserts, Cookies, etc…


Storage Instructions :

Since we don’t use any chemicals and use Organic ingredients, please transfer the contents to a clean, dry container and use a clean, dry spoon to prevent insect infestation.


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65 reviews for Mixed Nuts Powder(with Palm Sugar)

  1. Kiran kumar

    The taste was amazing , I started using with milk first but later my mom used this in kheer also. I love that it’s multipurpose and totally worth the price.Value for money, best product for kids.Decent to use and shipment arrived on time as expected.

  2. Nagasmitha

    My Children never Fails to Drink Milk with Mixed Nuts Powder now a days .They like it very much. They always say Amma Its Very Good.

  3. Poovendhan

    Wonderful Product and Nice Packing tooo.

  4. Tanishka

    Mixed Nuts Powder This totally changed My Son’s Milk habit He will always refuse whatever i Mix it with but now total opposite he has become a fan of your Mixed nuts powder.

  5. Sudheshna

    Mam I thought Adding Preservative only gives taste by tempting..But your products is loved by My 11month Baby and 7year boy also..Thank you So much mam.Best wishes to your Team.

  6. Rajeshwari

    Happy that Kids are having Preservative free Products.

  7. Rani

    Mixed Nuts Powder is really good ….V love it…Soon I will Place my Next Order.

  8. Nainika

    En Paiyanuku porridge prepare pani kuduthen really nice mam. Thank you so much..Keep going

  9. Dharanika

    My Daughter is just 6 month 15 days over…, She loves it with porridge..

  10. Sitara A


  11. Tara Naveen.

    Wanted to tell this for a long time..The mixes i got from you .My little one loved it..Have recommended to my friend too.

  12. Sahana Dhilfer

    Got two mixes…,planned to order again. Especially My toddler loved the mixed nuts she ate the mixed nuts alone..

  13. Girija

    Mixed nuts is really taste..,and my son likes the taste smells great..

  14. Sakshi

    I want to place my next order coz it’s almost gonna get over so i have to restock before ends.

  15. Santha sri

    My little one liked it so much Taste was awesome. She was asking for second cup of it….quality was too good…worth for money .., keep rocking mam.

  16. Charu Nethra

    Tried mixed nuts my boy loved it. will try almond mix later.

  17. Charu Nethra D

    Tried mixed nuts my boy loved it. will try almond mix later.

  18. charumathi D

    Tried mixed nuts my boy loved it. will try almond mix later.

  19. yuvarani

    Tasted your Mixed nuts powder as usual..Have tried many other Brands but Aroma and Freshness speaks while opening your pack.

  20. Preeti Gunasekar

    Always a fan of Mixed nut.. It’s awesome.

  21. Maya

    I’m in love with your Products. I’ll get back to you with an order.

  22. Dharani

    Sister today I tried Mixed Nuts Powder with Milk for my sister son He just loved it…I was kidding him inbetween asked him to give one sip milk for me but he said no no no (just 2.5 years only) and requesting his mother not to give to me. whole family enjoyed his actions while he is taking milk.

  23. Sahara R

    Hi tried all the Products.., My kid likes Akmond and Mixed Nuts Mix, He never drinks normal milk as he is Bf baby but i wanted to introduce Normal Milk but he never accepted …, after these mixes he happily drinks them.

  24. Seetha Lakshmi

    Its yummy My Little one approved it..

  25. Pichika Mithul

    Mixed Nuts with Idly Batter Tasted good My son Enjoyed it.

  26. Sapha S

    Mixed Nuts Powder I am very happpy for this Product.. coz My child is having Nuts in this way.

  27. Asha J

    I am enjoying your mixed nuts powdder Really superb.

  28. Rithika Periyasamy

    Today we opened Mixed nuts powder..Awesome taste with Flavour.

  29. Nishita

    Very well Packed ..Excellent Packing

  30. Joshna

    Very good Flavour pa ..Thanks to Sip N Savor for this beautiful Product.

  31. kirthika

    Tried your Ragi malt yesterday for my 3 year toddler he loved it .Tanq

  32. Aishwarya

    It tastes awesome.It makes milk as a Nice Drink

  33. Rishika

    I gave to my Baby He liked it very much mam Thank you so much for this product mam and he loves Almond mix also.

  34. Vigneshwari

    Hi am super happy to receive your Product..,Just started trying your mixed nuts poowder for my baby and he loves it…,

  35. Varshika

    Your team is just awesome.. Great Work

  36. Aadhanya

    Mixed nuts is awesome and i loved it.

  37. Anusree

    Sooper mam..,Home made taste My lil one liked it.