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77 reviews for Nendran Banana Chips

  1. Prathamesh Bosale

    The taste is really good ,same as we made it at home . Very good

  2. Shanil

    Thank you for Providing us Amazing Products, My Son Loves Nendran Chips a lot, He takes the Chips Pack and finishing it off.

  3. Rupica

    My girl never fails to review your chips.She always tastes and immediately say Amma It’s Awesome.

  4. Rubini

    Best quality

  5. Jaxon

    Chips tasting too good…,yet to try Nendran powder Usually I make chips at home due to busy Schedule I am not able to prepare now….at the time only saw yours…thank you for those awesome products.

  6. Anuradha

    Crispy Vera Level…

  7. Vinodhini

    Searching for Best Nendran Banana Chips Here You go!!!!!

  8. Nivitha

    Tastiest chips Ever ….Awesome Taste It is.

  9. Kiruba

    Nendran Banana chips Too tasty My son loved it.

  10. Karra Narasimha Reddy

    Smells too good and taste,I gave to My Friend for Taste ..She also told me that this Product is good and Healthy.

  11. Kirupa

    This One is vera Level. This is not like the Ordinary one.

  12. Livana

    Hi mam It was Really good.

  13. Ajit Kumar

    very Delicious chips ever had.

  14. Gali doddanagouda

    I have tried many banana chips from Amazon and this is by far the best. Mostly unbroken, only the best plantains are chosen. The coconut oil is also fresh and fragrant. Lastly, the packing has been done neatly.

  15. Kaushal Kumar Mishra

    These banana chips are so delicious. awesome. Quantity and quality is so good. Every one should try it once.

  16. Sathyam Samadhiya

    These banana chips are very tasty and the flavors are coming out fresh and refreshing i love the chips and quality of packaged is very good

  17. Pranay

    The banana chips were brilliant. I loved the flavour and they taste super amazing. Perhaps the only thing I would ask for is more quantity( because it’s super tasty). Loved it

  18. Poongodi

    Delicious and authentic South Indian Chips. Great flavour.

  19. Harshad kona

    A good tasteful product love to eat every day

  20. R.M.G

    Very flavourful banana chips, for gifting someone…packaging is also nice

  21. VInita

    Its too good.

  22. Dhiraj Sharma

    Hi Sip n savor ,I liked the flavour of your products.

  23. Meghna

    Thoroughly enjoyed the chips.

  24. Sonu kumar

    Quality acha hai

  25. Rajat

    It tastes good…very crispy..

  26. Ankit sisodhia

    I recently had the pleasure of trying some banana chips, and I must say, they exceeded all my expectations. These crispy and flavorful snacks have quickly become one of my go-to choices when I’m craving something delicious yet healthy.

  27. V Kannan

    Good taste
    Coconut oil flavour. Pleasant
    Crispy and thin
    I have tasted many kerala banana chips
    But this beats them all hands down

  28. Rahini

    Coconut Oil Flavour….AHHHHH Just wow!!!

  29. Muralidharan R

    Excellent quality Fresh and Superb

  30. livitha

    Fresh chips, nice and thin. We regularly order it.

  31. Mayura Mehta

    I ordered many times on account of good quality